How far is too far?

So I know I promised to blog more regularly, but clearly I haven’t.  I apologize to my legions of fans out there reading this, all of which I could count on one hand 🙂 Sorry Lindy.

What can I say? Life got a bit busy.  Ah well, all we can do is move forward right?

Over two years ago, I was devastated to find out that one of my favourite actors had decided to give up on his acting career and decide to make the old switcharoo over to hippity hop music.  He had won me in To Die For (despite Nicole Kidman being in that film I still really liked it) and then I saw him in Inventing the Abbotts….Ah May Zing!!! Then he chose some wierd films that were all a bit meh U-Turn, Return to Paradise, 8mm (Nicholas Cage SPEW!!!) The Yards was good and then came Gladiator…wow!! and Quills! even more wow!!!  So when Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement and then had that horrific public appearance in Vegas (see below)

and that hilarious interview on Letterman

All I could do was wish him the best of luck…and laugh a lot at his expense….AND pray that it was some wierd practical joke that him and Casey Affleck were playing on the world.

Then came the film.  I’m still here.

The trailer looked hilarious, and then on Friday Casey Affleck came out and admitted that it was all fake.  This made the film SOOOO much better.  I think had it all been real, I would have been even more devastated for this man who was once great at his craft, give it all up for something that he really just wasn’t all that good at and who wasn’t willing to listen to anyone tell him otherwise.

The film itself was a mockumentary, all the technical aspects were there and represented.  It was a well made film.  And Joaquin was very believable.  The film followed Joaquin from the moment of his last performance as an actor, to when he announced his retirement, all the way through to when he met P-Diddy and then some.  Majority of the film is following a very driven Phoenix who has set his sights on becoming a hip hop artist go on massive drug trips and continually stuff up opportunities to make any kind of good impression as a valid artist.

Call me cynical but could this film have been an excuse for him and Casey to go on a massive drug bender for 2 years?  I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve with the film, and by the end there didn’t really seem to be a point to the story.  Other than he had failed as a hip hop artist.  All I’m saying is that it was a lot of effort, 2 years of their lives and money invested in a film that really didn’t have all that much to say.  I suppose it gives method acting a new definition, but was the character worth it?

I think that had it not been announced that it was all a hoax, I would have walked away as a very unsatisfied film goer.  Mainly cos there was no resolution.  And I think walking in knowing that it was a ‘hoax’ the typical audience member is a lot more forgiving on the storyline and just becomes enthralled in the intricacies that they went to for this ‘character’ that Phoenix became.  Which was an overweight, angry, drug addicted, lonely guy who felt like he had failed in life.

I’m not going to give away the ending, but I will say this.  If you have a weak stomach for visual media, please don’t see this film.  Its very graphic and very real.  Whilst some of it was hilarious…alot of it was just a bit too gross.  At the very least, we can now welcome Joaquin Phoenix back into the world of the sane and hopefully he’ll be dazzling us all with his next role.

I will say that I’m looking forward to Joaquin being on David Letterman tonight!

How to do you go from being an Oscar Nominee to the guy from the Hangover?



So day 2 of this blogging every day thing hasn’t worked out so well…as its currently day 3 and I actually didn’t post anything yesterday.  On the upside, I went to a place called Eurotrash and it had very cool artwork all around.  They get bonus points for being around the corner from David & Camy’s Shanghai dumpling place.

One of the many walls at Eurotrash. This was my favourite.

So I just saw this in the bathroom…

Don’t worry its not anything gross.  Our work bathrooms actually have a TV at the basin, and usually video clips are playing.  I just saw this very cool video clip of a song called ‘Breathe me’ by Sia.  Very cool.  Stop motion looks amazing!

Sia “Breathe Me” from phil tidy on Vimeo.

The day I could have been the new Mrs Kutcher…

Sort of.

So I’ve decided that I would like to try and update my blog daily…*yes Rachel, we’ll see how long this lasts* but for now I’ll go with it.  My aim is to try and get something down, if not for anyone else other than myself.  And I’m ok with this.  So my adventure for today, was that I got to go and film some stuff for my work at the Crown Towers in Melbourne.  Ritzy!! I know!  So we got to the Crown Towers, and the bell boy who is helping us load all our gear onto a trolley and help us take it up to the room, informs us that the one and only Ashton Kutcher checked into the hotel not 10 minutes before us!!! How exciting!!  So we get into the room, the client is already there waiting for us to film this interview.  So i set up all the gear, tripod, camera, microphone, lights, rearrange the room a bit so i can actually fit and voila! 4 hours later, 4 hour long interviews later and no breaks in between, I was off in a taxi and on my way back to my work.  Devastating, right?  I lingered all that I could in the lobby, daring to dream that @aplusk might happen to be in the foyer.  Sadly no, today was not the day that God intended for us to meet.  Maybe another day.

*I feel like I should put in a disclaimer that I actually have no romantic feelings towards Ashton Kutcher.  I did think he was hilarious in Dude, where’s my car though.  And I enjoyed the scene in the Butterfly Effect when he was awkwardly running down the hallway away from the cops.  Ah that scene still makes me laugh a bit.

I like taking pictures of myself in bathroom that wierd?

And now…I blogeth

OK, so I never thought that I’d have a blog.  That’s a lie.  Yes my first sentence in my first ever blog is in fact a lie.  I did at one point consider getting a blog and writing about random stuff that comes to my mind, however I thought that I’d be doing that once I’d moved over to the US of A and was living it up in LA.  A travel-blog about me trying to make something of myself in this crazy world, my struggle as a young Aussie born Chinese girl in a foreign country.  I would blog about how i get funny reactions from people because of my very Aussie accent Vs. my very Asian appearance.  I would be writing about how for the past week I’d been living off 2 minute noodles, how I was slogging it out because I believed that some hot shot movie producer/director would see me walking out of Starbucks one morning, and demand that I would star in their next big film.  Then I would begin blogging about my rise to fame as an actress/filmmaker.

Back to reality.

Born and raised in Melbourne and for now, I’m very much still living in Melbourne.  Parents are divorced and I’m still pretty close with my Dad.  Don’t see Mum all that much.  I have a younger sister, Steph who is 8 years younger than me.  Honorable mention to my Grandma, Winnie Fong.  She gets points for being awesome, and the fact that she moved from China to Hong Kong as a young girl to work in an ice-cream factory.

I currently work as a video editor in an ad agency and live with a rad housemate, Courts.  I love my God and so my life is good.

So why blog?

If you’re still reading this, congratulations for deciphering through all my random writing.  Expect more.  I also have a tendency to become slightly obsessed with random movies/tv shows.  Recent fangirl obsessions have included Twilight, Glee and Chuck.  I WILL blog about them.  Consider this a warning.

So I guess there will be 5 major categories of stuff that I’ll be blogging about.

1. Random stuff that I find entertaining or interesting in life.

2. Film/TV reviews and news

3. Photos – I’m hoping that by having a blog.  It will encourage me to take more photos and get more creative.

4. Videos – that I’ve worked on, and again hoping that the pressure of the blog will inspire me to make more stuff.

5. Celebrity gossip – this is mainly for my own amusement.  Call it the Perez Hilton or Kristin Dos Santos from within.  Admit it, you love it.

So eventually, I’m hoping that what I wrote in the first paragraph of moving overseas and being the quirky Aussie Asian girl who makes it in the big Hollywood will come to be a reality.  Who knows, this could be the beginning of that very journey.  But for now, I’m going to blog about my life and stuff that I like.

Granny, Dad & me at Disneyland in 1990. My Minnie Mouse-esque outfit was hot as, right?